Sunday, July 11, 2010

sorry, blog

Blog, it has been almost a month since I have posted. I have no good excuse for that, but let me try to explain.

First week of work I did before care as well as camp hours. So that had me up at 6:30 and working until 3:30 and then I was spent after that and accomplished absolutely nothing in the afternoons that week, aside from watching a hell of a lot of television on my computer.

Then over the weekend I got nothing done because I was sleeping.

Second week I didn't have to get up until 7:30 but I worked until 6:00. So again, I got nothing done due to exhaustion. And over that weekend I went to New York for cousin's graduation party, so, no sleep. Or accomplishments.

Third week I got up at 7:30 and worked until 3:30 and had no excuse for getting nothing done except that I wanted to finish watching all the seasons of Lost. Which I did. Then on Friday I got a car! Then over the weekend I went to New York again for Fourth of July celebrations and family time. And got no sleep. Again. But I did learn to weave beads into bracelets!

So this past week I've been exhausted from getting no sleep for two weeks and weekends and therefore still got nothing done, despite 7:30 to 3:30 schedule again.

HOWEVER this weekend I've decided it's time for a change. I've gotten in a couple of workouts over the past four weeks, but not enough. I got my sleep in this weekend as well as the following:


  • WORK OUT CITY. Kind of. Cardio and swimming. I saw four campers at the pool. Talk about making relaxing not nearly as relaxing.
  • SOCIALIZING which I haven't done in a while. Went out with a couple of lovely ladies for dinner and drinks and complaining about children. What could be better?
Then I slept 11 hours and then...

  • Phone calls to parents of my campers next week to tell them what their kids need to bring / where we meet / etc.
  • Folded laundry that I did last week. Oops on the delayed folding. (Watched some really good TED Talks while I folded. Highly recommend them. Seriously watch them both right now.)
  • Finished the two bracelets I made over the week/weekend with button closures. This took way longer than I expected.
  • YOGAMAZING weight loss flow. Maybe if I do it everyday I will lose weight? It's about 25 minutes and makes me fall over and sweat a lot. That's good, right? 
  • 100 sit-ups. Jesus. I forgot what feeling my abs was like. Back in the gymnastics days that was super easy. I have become a fatty.
  • Attempted YOGA FOR THE BUTT AND THIGHS except that it was after I ate dinner and that is always a bad idea when you are doing downward dog. So I abandoned that about ten minutes in.
  • Pending: finishing room cleaning. The laundry was the biggest part but I have some desk/dresser surfaces to clear, also.
While I was in the resting pose after my first session of yoga today, I decided that I think I want to do yoga everyday / make a schedule for myself to follow as far as being off of my butt goes. I'm super intimidated by weight machines at the fitness center so I'm kinda leaning toward yoga instead because I feel the sore more after that, anyway. And I don't have to feel self-conscious because I can do it at home. SO cardio and swimming and yoga in some sort of schedule where everyday I do something to not be a fatty.

Also, attempting to eat better. On that topic, I've not been eating meat for a while. For about a month actually I think? Still gotta back off on fats and sugars etc., though.

HERE'S TO BEING PRODUCTIVE AND HEALTHY. And blogging more, hopefully, too. Tomorrow, perhaps, pictures of car and bracelets. 

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