Monday, July 19, 2010

super hero week guys!

So it's SUPER HERO WEEK at work this week and boy howdy I'm going to make it as entertaining as possible. Can you say CRAFTS EVERY DAY or at least for a few days, I'm hoping, because they are great for  entertaining children. It's not like games where the lazy kids are like "I DON'T WANNA PLAY" and sit down and cry. Every kid will color. Especially if they are coloring on their BRAND NEW SUPER HERO CAPE whatupwhatup!

I stopped blogging because I kept forgetting about it, if we're bein' real, blog. (Sorry.) I kept to yoga everyday but Friday I stopped because I worked late doing a rock climbing class. Just as I suspected, this also led to me not doing yoga Saturday or Sunday or today because once I start with the excuses to myself I keep it going. But tomorrow I'll start doing it again. I'm thinking of going every other day because it is rough on my wrists. But that might just be my laziness. (Like the little girl whose tummy hurt every time we played a game. Srsly, come on, little kids, your elders are not dumb.)

Haven't made much headway in things that I should be doing like: planning out my remaining camps, thinking about / researching for I.S., or laundry, or working on the bracelet I started, or sewing, or bike riding, or yoga, or even reading books.

SO BLOG HERE IT GOES. I am going to try hard to stop being a bum. It's not like hanging out with kids and watching them while they do crafts or play games or swim is alllll that complicated. I mean, there are lots of little tiffs kids get in, and they poo in their swim trunks sometimes, but really. Not all that bad. So it is time to stop being a bum.

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