Friday, June 4, 2010

i had a busy day, blog!

Well today was crazy busy. I got up at ten in the morning (omgsoearly) on the hunt for a one-piece swimsuit to avoid whoredom at camp. Let me tell you, world, I have probably the worst proportions ever for one-piece swimsuits. Short torso means smaller swimsuit. Smaller waist. Bigger butt. Real big up top. And I only get to pick one size. And the ladies need to be supported. And it can't be too long. And it can't be too wide. And it has to cover the ladies. AND AND AND AND. Always ands. And unfortunately the more swimsuits one tries on the more depressed one is about not finding THE SWIMSUIT that meets all your needs. Hell, I even let go of the hope that I would find a fun swimsuit and just hoped to find a swimsuit that was appropriate.

It took hours and bummed me out in the end, but SEVEN HOURS AFTER STARTING I found one. (Not true, less time than that, but that is how many hours being at malls happened. Holler. Thanks mom.) It is black and kinda plain and was overpriced, but... it'll do. It fits, so... miracle. I also found four pairs of shorts because of none of mine fit me the right way (thigh explosion!), some nail polish, and a cute wallet that fits a check book! Oh man oh man!

AND THEN AND THEN AND THEN after being home for like a half hour went to WORK OUT OH MAN. After some nice jogging time there was some thigh time then some ab time then some arm time then some certified for belaying time (which is also get-paid-for-it-time). Honestly, mostly went to work out because shopping and not finding things is depressing and I needed the endorphins for some cheerin' up and oh how they worked.

THEN I PAINTED MY NAILS. Which I am not good at. Because I am bad at doing anything with my left hand like painting the nails on my right hand. Also there are air bubbles but whatever. I am not super into nail polish because I bite my nails, but I'm trying to get out of that. For whatever reason, when my nails are painted I'm way less likely to eat them, soooooo, here's to nail growth.

Busy day all day. I win at doing things.

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