Thursday, June 10, 2010

the truth about some things

  1. I am a terrible blogger, mostly because my life is not interesting enough to talk about.
  2. Today... not the most productive.
  3. Cleaned my room, though, since I have been letting it get ridiculous by leaving/throwing things everywhere.
  4. Also finished season three of Gossip Girl, not that I would ever watch or have ever watched that show.
  5. Read a lot of pages, too.
  6. OH AND I DID whip out my clarinet and play it for a while for the first time in a long time. My mouth is no longer strong buuuut I do remember notes and I played what band music I had that sounded interesting and I miss band a lot because I'm a giant nerd. I will maybe get some good solo music or something.
  7. I did sew a tiny tiny bit.
  8. So I guess it wasn't that unproductive.
  9. Here's a pretty picture I found on the internet, because every blog (especially this one) needs more pictures:

Found it here.

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