Tuesday, June 1, 2010

working hard or hardly working?

Today was new employee orientation omgomgomg. It was... not informative, but it was a good reminder of the things that are most important about a job like attitude and... stuff. But the manager seems pretty nice and it really was nice in that way where it's helpful for success in life and other jobs and just in general.

BUT AFTER THAT I started looking at planning for camp counseling this summer. I'm in charge of nine different camps, and I have to plan out the mornings for each of those. So I've been looking at those and starting to think about and to work out crafts and programs and whatnot.

I also figured out tumblr kinda and I'm putting pretty pictures on one because I like pretty things and getting to look at things I find pretty all in one place. Look at these pretty things. LOOK. Also, generally they are inspirational which is necessary. It's nice to have them in one place which also allows me to share with others who want to look at pretty things.

Today I felt kinda ill, so I took it easy, but tomorrow is laundry day. It's been far too long. I don't even know what clothes I have anymore.

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