Saturday, May 15, 2010

did some things!

Started off the day by getting some laundry going and then going for a nice bike ride in the lovely sunshine. Then I seam-ripped the musical-instrument-playing-dress to take the skirt section off. I want to do an elastic waist but unfortunately the POCKETS ARE IN THE WAY. A skirt with pockets already and I'm going to have to take them out. OR WILL I? We'll see.

Here's a sneak peek BEFORE PIC. Missing buttons, wide waistline and everything! In fact, once the skirt was removed, it got even wider, because of little tiny pleat-things.

Anyway then I did more laundry (laundry all day!) and then went to the gym and "ran" for half an hour in my new shoes and I have to say that they are far more comfortable than my $8 Wal*Mart shoes. NOW MY LEGS ARE SO DEAD ALSO.

But I think the really big thing today was the laundry. I have not done laundry since... probably for over a month. (I have a lot of underwear...) As of now I've done and folded four loads, with two more that'll be laundered before the night is over. I am a laundry machine.

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