Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i'm not good at summer.

I'm not really good at blogging or keeping a diary or anything where I have to update it all the time. I'm also not really good at keeping up with goals I set for myself. Aaaaand I'm not good at finishing projects, either, but I am good at starting them. I'm also ridiculously good at sitting on my butt in front of the television. And facebooking. And eating a lot. And just being a bum in general.

So this blog is an attempt to defeat my laziness, a reminder to DO SOMETHING. (In other words, get off your lazy butt and be productive.) I don't want to go multiple days in front of the TV watching crappy crime shows OR WORSE watching those terribly addicting shows like 19 (20? 21?) Kids and Counting because I know that I can be doing something better with my life.

So here are some examples of somethings better. (No really. I'm going to do them. Productivity, here I come.)

  • Sewing! I'm learning to do that. 
  • Exercising! Yoga, bike riding, anything that is not sitting, etc.
  • Writing! I know this involves sitting on my lazy butt, but it will exercise the creativity in my brain, so it counts.
  • Reading! My goodreads account isn't going to know what hit it. Also, this counts as brain exercise.
  • Cooking!/Baking! Probably I will bake. I really like baked goods. 
  • Exploring the wild! There are tons of parks around here; might as well use them to my advantage.
  • Thrifting! Better than shopping, because it's cheaper.
  • Working! Forgot to mention, I'll have a job starting in June. $$$!
Since I'm home from school for my last summer before graduating with a BA in English and Philosophy (employment? naaaaah.), I want to make the most of it. In fact, I've already gotten started. The past four days have been spent tearing apart my room. Multiple bags of clothes and shoes are making their way to Goodwill pretty soon, along with boxes of books and trinkets and other things that other people will use more than I will. And although my room is still fit to bursting, it is being clean about it and is ready and open for projects to occur inside of it. Next steps: painting and redecorating (or at the very least I'm hoping for new bedding). 

So here is my challenge to myself, made public in the hope that I might keep it:

DO SOMETHING. Everyday. 

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