Thursday, May 13, 2010

so far so good

One day into blogging, and so far it's actually working for my productivity. I got up a bit late, but started the day with a trip to get some necessities like contact solution. Then, upon returning home, I started work on a thrift store dress I'd gotten a while back and wanted to improve. I went to the gym, also, and learned that I am ridiculously out of shape. More so than I've been before, so it's pretty ridic. Gonna work on that.

BUT ANYWAY the really exciting part is that I finished working on that dress. I had picked it up because I liked the print so much, but the fit at the top was really off and not modern at all, and the skirt was way too long. At some point, probably over winter or spring break, I took off the sleeves, and then today I finished the rest.

What should have been a fairly quick process of taking off the top portion and then shortening the skirt was probably a good hour or two longer than it should have been, because I had to sew the bottom hem four times, since I didn't pay enough attention to where the fabric was folded under and then kept thinking I could just sew over to fix it but that looked really dumb. Duuuuuh. But, lesson learned. Pay attention. Srsly.

The top of the skirt ended up really sack-like because the back of the dress is ruched (right word?) with elastic, but I like it a lot. I'm actually really happy with how this turned out. I've been wanting a skirt-of-a-decent-length for a while. Forever21 is lame in that way where they really target younger skankier people than I am / it is windy sometimes and I don't want to expose my butt (sometimes).

So here are some really great before and after shots! (Note that the before shot is not entirely legit; I never had a picture of the dress with the sleeves on it, but whatevs. Just imagine short sleeves and probably there were shoulder pads, too.)

Stuff you can't see in the photos: the dress is a wrap dress, so there are buttons and snaps and ties and things, and I left all of these, including the ties because they aren't offensive at all. I took somewhere between nine and ten inches off the length. It falls just a few inches above my knees and has pockets--good length AND pockets are rare in skirts I've come across / own lately, and I am really excited about this one.

So really, today was pretty darn productive. Skirts, exercise, and stores.

I did things!

P.S. I am really bad at self-timers on cameras.

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