Thursday, May 13, 2010

shopping = something, right?

Things I hate to admit: today was a very sore day for me in the leg muscle and ab areas. I know I went "running" or whatever ("running"=jogging / walking fast), but only for 30 minutes and not far enough to hurt this much. I am very out of shape.

I learned about this soreness by being on my feet most of today, however. Mom and I brought an SUV's-worth of clothes, books, and creepy dolls to Goodwill. Then we hit up a nearby thrift store, Village Discount Outlet, also known as the VDO. Where I found six pieces at a total price of $8.00. Win for me!


The upper few pieces are hard to see, but here's what I got going clockwise from the red shirt.

THE RED SHIRT. Marked "vintage," it's a nice soft questionable fabric long-sleeved blouse. I think I might actually wear it as is, except laundered so it doesn't smell all old lady.

SOME WEIRD ASIAN-INSPIRED DRESS. ...which you can't really see, but is on the top in the middle. It's white with a pretty little pattern and looks like it belongs on a purse. So I'm going to make a purse from it.

TRUMPET PLAYING MEN DRESS. Just realized you can barely see this one at all, but it's up in the right-hand corner. It's a kind of mottled blue with tiny men playing instruments. It's going to be a skirt.

BLACK FLORAL MONSTROSITY. This is a giant black dress with a pink and white floral print on it. It's so huge I think I might be able to take it apart and make a WHOLE DIFFERENT DRESS WITH IT. We'll see.

RIDICULOUS PARROTFLORAL DRESS. Oh yes. Parrots and tropical flowers. I don't know if it's going to be a dress still or what, but it's way long and not flattering and made of ridiculously beautiful fabric. It is going to be awesome, whatever it ends up.

FLORAL COUCH DRESS. Looks like it should be an old lady's couch. Still will when I refashion it, but it will look like a floral couch trying to be a skirt or a dress, probably.


Anyway, after the thrift store, went to Macy's with some paint swatches and picked some new bedding. I got some white sheets, which I am super excited about, because I have a thing for white sheets.

Then Mom got some Reebok easy tone shoes and they were so ridiculously awesome that I got some, too. Too expensive, but hopefully they make "running" feel better than when I do it with $8 Wal*Mart shoes.

Tomorrow I am going to do things besides walking in stores for four hours, but I still think that counts because I was not on my butt in front of the television all day. Refashiontimetomorrow. And also I'll be back at the gym, probz. WITH MY NEW SHOES.

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